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While it is difficult to define all legal problems and questions into precise categories for potential clients, we can provide some basic information about the most common areas of our practice. Each case is unique on its facts and circumstances and it will not always be obvious what kind of matter you have. If this is your situation, then please contact us so we can counsel you to define the legal matter and offer advice and if you wish, action on your behalf. If specialty services are required, other experts are available to supplement the services to our clients and coordination of services is frequently accomplished for our client's benefit. To give you a basic understanding on the most common areas of practice, we have provided a list below:

Business. We are available to our business clients to handle questions as they arise as well as litigation services should the same be necessary. Most commonly we handle the legal formation of the business, contract issues, collection of receivables and general questions that arise common to most businesses.

Criminal. We handle felony and misdemeanor matters pre-charge and post-charge. When you are facing a criminal investigation or an accusation, it is important to seek legal advice from a competent attorney immediately. It is important to understand your rights before you speak with law enforcement or attend court.

Family Law. We can assist you with almost every type of family law matter including but not limited to adoption, divorce, property settlements, alimony or spousal support, child custody, child support, paternity, separation agreements, pre-marital and post-marital agreements, parenting time, juvenile delinquency, neglect abuse charges, etc. This is an ever expanding area of concern for our clients. This is often a difficult time for most people as they are adjusting to a familial change in their lives and also have to comprehend and objectively handle the legal proceedings. We can offer the guidance you need to navigate the legal changes in your situation.

Guardianship/Conservatorship. We assist clients to determine if a guardianship or conservatorship is necessary for the benefit of another. Most likely this situation arises for minor children outside their parents' custody or with incapacitated adults or the elderly.
A guardian is an individual appointed by the Court to make decisions for the welfare of another who cannot do so because of a legal disability. A conservator an individual appointed by the Court to make decisions for the financial welfare of another who is cannot do so because of a legal disability.

Estate Planning. We offer reasonable estate planning for our clients. It is often difficult for us to contemplate our death or incapacity, but it is best for your family and children to make arrangements now. A power of attorney for financial or health care decisions and preparation of a simple Will can provide security to you and your family members. You can make your wishes known and provide guidance to family members by developing the proper legal documents to handle these matters.


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